Pad 08 - Repo


  • have a way to work together fast
  • improve the virtual part of nimble

Action items

  • Bring all materials/resources into 1 GH repo
  • Give everyone access
  • Repo cleanup

People and their roles

EricInformant, Preparer, Supplier of files
J.C.Assistance, Consulting and Markdown improving
Julian StirlingLicensing Consultant
DanielCI bug-fixer




  • forked the repo
  • Added a few users as contributors
  • (Properly) Licenced the project
  • Adopted the CERN-OHL-S-2.0 license for the designs
  • fit the repo into the osh-dir-std (unixish)
  • fixed/improved some Markdown sources
  • added licensing info (simple file & REUSE)
  • Adjusted REUSE parts a few times
  • Added osh-tool to CI, generating a repo quality report
  • Daniel fixed the CI pages building

Next steps

  • Maintain the licencing info to keep it REUSE compliant
  • Try to get a high score on the osh-tool report

Open questions

priority from 1 for low to 10 for high in [...] brackets.

  • [10] Integrate this repo somehow into the main nimble repo(?) -> See the Pull-Request
  • [1] How to optimize the CI pipeline (into a single one?)
  • [9] How to move all generated files from the repo into GH pages or artifacts
  • [5] After the previous step has been solved, should we rewrite the repo history to remove all generated files, to drastically reduce the repo size, which might be useful for constrained systems or in situations with limited up-/down-links.